Zulu Ambassador

Ronald C. Johnson 2024

The "Ambassador" character was created in the 1970's. The "Ambassador" is Zulu's ranking government diplomat in "foreign lands" and his role is to represent Zulu in all matters of the state. When an audition with the King is essential, talk to the "Ambassador", because "When you talk to the ‘Ambassador, you're talking to the King".

Zulu Ambassador History

1975 C. Myers

1976 Brooks English

1977 Brooks English

1978 Brooks English

1979 Straughter Prophet

1980 Straughter Prophet

1981 Joseph Johnson

1982 Alfred Gordon

1983 Ernest Brumfield

1984 Andrew LeBrance

1985 Wallace Broussard

1986 Richard A. Joseph

1987 Sterling Nelson

1988 Joseph Miller

1989 Percy Alexander

1990 Charles Jones

1991 Leo Bradford

1992 Jackie Robinson

1993 Lionel Washington

1994 Carl Henry

1995 Bobby Broussard

1996 Lance Perkins

1997 William Smith

1998 Murray Lacey

1999 Sam Smith

2000 Byron L. Mercier, Sr.

2001 Dwayne Boudreaux

2002 Andrew Smith

2003 William H. Atlas

2004 Norman L. Thomas

2005 Hitlon White

2006 No Elections Due to Hurricane Katrina

2007 Alfonzia L. Hollins, Jr.

2008 Alfred J. Pleasant

2009 David Reed

2010 Dennis Robertson

2011 Frederick M. Bell

2012 Lester Washington

2013 Jefferson R. Reese Sr.

2014 Joseph "TJ" Aldor Jr.

2015 Clifton Jones

2016 Herbert Dunbar

2017 Armand E. Pinkney

2018 Merlin Jackson

2019 Gregory Lucien

2020 Richard Wilson Sr.

2022 Lester Matthews Jr.

2023 Harold Seals

2024 Ronald C. Johnson

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