Zulu Big Shot

Shan Patrick Williams Jr. 2024

The "Big Shot" of Africa was created by one of our deceased members, Mr. Paul E. Johnson in the early 1930s. The "Big Shot" outshines the King. (The term outshine was used in the earlier days which meant to look better than someone else in the competition.) The "Big Shot" is the man behind the throne. No one can see the King without seeing the "Big Shot" first.

Zulu Big Shot History

1975 Sonny LaCroix

1976 Raymond Lewis

1977 Raymond Lewis

1978 George Rainey

1979 Jim Poole

1980 George Mills

1981 Edward Blunt

1982 Eddie Carter

1983 Harry Pitman

1984 Melvin Simms

1985 Severe White

1986 Joseph Crawford

1987 Walter County

1988 Herman Jones

1989 Oscar Piper

1990 Louis Rainey, Jr.

1991 Ben Hanchett

1992 Harold J. Gross

1993 Clarence Murphy

1994 Richard Jackson

1995 Jimmie Felder

1996 Josh C. LeBlanc

1997 Ardis Lemon

1998 Brian Sims

1999 Allen Hayden

2000 Gerard M. Johnson

2001 David Clark

2002 Cleveland Nelson

2003 Armand Richard

2004 Jeffery Crayton, Jr.

2005 John Gourrier, Sr.

2006 No Elections Due to Hurricane Katrina

2007 Clarence Links, Sr.

2008 Jay H. Banks

2009 Brian H. McMillan

2010 Donald “Doc” Ganier

2011 Keith O. Johnson

2012 Terry Williams

2013 Brent Darien Washington Sr.

2014 Krieg S. Perkins

2015 Bernard "Bunny" Newell Sr.

2016 Keith Thomas

2017 Conny "Frog" Horton

2018 John A. Gourrier II

2019 LeBaron Fisher

2020 Christopher K. Wyre

2022 Dr. Michael McKnight Sr.

2023 Terrance McGuire

2024 Shan Patrick Williams, Jr.

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