Zulu Mr. Big Stuff

Lucius Watts III 2024

The Mr. Big Stuff character was created in the 1970's by Brothers James L. Russell and William Sonny Jim Poole. The idea for this character was inspired by the 1971 enormous hit recording by soul singer Jean Knight's Mr. Big Stuff. Where the Big Shot tries to "outshine" the King, Mr. Big Stuff tries to "outshine" the Big Shot. So citizens of Zululand, when you see Mr. Big Stuff, ask him, "Who Do You Think You Are?".

Zulu Mr. Big Stuff History

1975 Jim Russell

1976 Jim Russell

1977 Jim Russell

1978 Jim Russell

1979 Jim Russell

1980 Jim Russell

1981 Jim Russell

1982 Jim Russell

1983 Jim Russell

1984 Jim Russell

1985 Jim Russell

1986 Jim Russell

1987 Jim Russell

1988 Jim Russell

1989 Jim Russell

1990 Jim Russell

1991 Jim Russell

1992 Walter Coulon

1993 Jim Russell

1994 Jim Russell

1995 Jim Russell

1996 Jim L. Russell

1997 Jim Russell

1998 Jim Russell

1999 Emanuel Washington

2000 Harlin Miller

2001 Clifton Sanders

2002 Waymon Jones

2003 Johnny Cornelius

2004 Leonard Smith

2005 Andrew Brock, Sr.

2006 No Elections Due to Hurricane Katrina

2007 Tyrone Mathieu

2008 Edmond Melder, Jr.

2009 Stephen Rue

2010 Frank Stewart

2011 Derrick A. Melder

2012 Michael H. Alexander

2013 Kyle Mathieu Sr.

2014 Kevin McKnight

2015 Roy "Temmer" Fox

2016 Todd Christopher Duvernay

2017 Lewis J. Willis Sr

2018 Chris Brown Sr.

2019 James "Santababy" Mitchell

2020 Tannard Darensburg Sr.

2022 Windell Bean

2023 Melvin Sampson

2024 Lucius Watts III

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