Zulu Province Prince

Jay Marks 2024

The Province Prince character was created in the early 1970's by Brother Milton Bienamee. This character was to represent the most senior King who has reigned as King more than once. During the early years of Zulu, several members had the high honor of reigning as King more then once. Brother Milton Bienamee, the creator, reigned as King three times: 1965, 1967, and 1970. Brother Bienamee is the last to do so. Today, it is no longer required to be a member of that provincial domain of multiple Kingships to be Province Prince "In Zululand, When you're the Prince you feel like a King".

Zulu Province Prince History

1975 Unknown

1976 Milton Bienamee

1977 Milton Bienamee

1978 Milton Bienamee

1979 Oliver Thompson

1980 Gabriel Vicknair

1981 Lester Pollard, Jr.

1982 Louis Caston

1983 Freddie Brooks

1984 George Pepp

1985 Royal C. Dixom

1986 Don Williams

1987 Tom Price

1988 George Stom

1989 Frank Boutte

1990 Alvin Tircuit

1991 Lawson Harvey

1992 Mirt Williams

1993 Nathaniel Henry

1994 Hilderbrand Ebanks

1995 Alphonse Ponson

1996 Kevin Thomas

1997 Joseph Fennidy

1998 Melvin Sanders

1999 Spencer Leon

2000 Leon G. Pannell, Jr.

2001 Andrew Pettifoot

2002 Troy Esteen

2003 Shannon Haynes

2004 Herman Myles

2005 David Bailey

2006 No Elections Due to Hurricane Katrina

2007 Anthony Jackson

2008 Emmanuel Esteves, Jr.

2009 Bonifacio Robertson , Sr.

2010 Neal Johnson

2011 Clarence Reed "Cheko" Barley Jr.

2012 Gregory N,. Rattler Sr.

2013 Gilbert C. Dorsey

2014 Melvin Louis Labat

2015 Aaron Davis

2016 Anthony Irvin Laurent Jr.

2017 LaSalle McKinley Rattler Jr.

2018 Patrick C. Smith

2019 Everett Briscoe

2020 Sean M. Bruno

2022 Carlos James Williams Jr.

2023 Dr. George E. Ray Jr.

2024 Jay "iREP504" Marks

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