Zulu Witch Doctor

Edward Dorsey III 2024

The "Witch Doctor" was one of the first characters of Zulu. In Zulu's ancestral land of Africa, the witch doctor is referred to a sorcerer, prophet, or shamanistic healer, someone who heals through magical powers. Zulu's "Witch Doctor" prays to the Gods for the safety and good health of our King and the members. He also prays for good weather for our activities. For the lucky few who receive the "Golden Nugget" at the parade, thank the "Witch Doctor".

Zulu Witch Doctor History

1975 Anthony Mercadel

1976 Cyrus Cagnolatti

1977 Vincent Tripling

1978 Cyrus Cagnolatti

1979 Isaac Wheeler

1980 Isaac Wheeler

1981 Ernest George

1982 Andre Dejoie

1983 James Jackson

1984 Arman Green

1985 Albert J. Luke

1986 Robert Jefferson

1987 Jerome Dominique

1988 David Wells

1989 Eldridge Garner

1990 Ulysses Handy

1991 Brimmer Brown

1992 Lionel Daggs

1993 Johnny Massey

1994 Ulysses Collins

1995 Aaron Mintz

1996 Melvin A. Armour

1997 Earl Hankton

1998 Otis Davenport

1999 Dudley Robert

2000 Edward “Buck” Sims

2001 Robert Williams

2002 Reginald Landry

2003 Perry Alexis

2004 Wayne Nelson

2005 Charles Emory

2006 No Elections Due to Hurricane Katrina

2007 Mason Suell

2008 Eric Davis, Sr.

2009 Lawrence Jones, Jr.

2010 Vincent Rogers

2011 Anthony Christopher Fields Sr.

2012 Jason B. Horne "X"

2013 Randolph "Rudy" Davis

2014 Derek Nelson Rabb

2015 James "Mini Cat" Jones

2016 Andrew "Keith" Celestine

2017 Darrin G. McWilliama

2018 Kevin O'Bryan Guidry

2019 Troy Dailet Sr.

2020 Special "K" Kirk

2022 Edward B. "Coulon" Smith

2023 Justin "DJ Polo 504" Smith

2024 Edward Dorsey III

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